KILL ME pussycat

The four guys of KILL ME pussycat (Sebastian, Robby, Stefan, Philipp) met for a studio project for LSD Records in early 2011. But very soon it became clear that a studio project is a fine thing but does not have the flair of a proper rock band. So it was time to form a band and to create the unique sound of KILL ME pussycat.

Influenced by bands like Volbeat and Alter Bridge, KILL ME pussycat features distinctive vocals, supported by heavy riffs and driving beats. The result can be heard on the DIY EP “5EVEN” (2012).
After the “5EVEN HELLS” tour in late 2012, they began to work on new songs. The result was the single THE BEAST, which was celebrated with a tour in spring 2013.

After several concerts abroad, the band started to play with such well-known bands as Dritte Wahl, End of Green, Pothead and Mustasch.

They also played gigs at major festivals such as the „Metalfest“ or the „Rock on the Rocks“ (CZ).
In the beginning of 2014, they started to work on their first LP “no regret”. Supported by the label “Rock Zone Records” / “Rough Trade”. In Winter 2014 they have done there 3 Tour across Germany.

KILL ME pussycat

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